Support for Volunteers and Board – Events, meetings, conferences and conventions

Meetings, conventions and events are often run by volunteers of nonprofit organizations.  Sometimes there is staff support for volunteers, but there usually are too few staff to provide much help. Also, for many organizations, no staff are truely well skilled or experienced at meeting planning and management, as they have been hired to serve other important roles in the organization. When such staff manage meetings they are pulled away from their key mission delivery work.

We can help.

The answer to effectively managing events, meetings and conventions at low net cost using volunteer help is to provide volunteers with solid expert meeting planning and management support, without diverting the organization’s key staff resources.

PNMG provides comprehensive support to volunteers and staff in the planning and management of events, meetings and conferences.

Meeting Support in the Austin – San Antonio Area

While event support services can be offered anywhere on a consulting and short-term support basis, hands-on full support for the duration of an event — beginning to end —  is available for meetings, conventions and events held in the Austin-San Antonio area.

Support and management services include the following:

  • Full conference planning and management
  • General professional support to volunteers and staff
  • Procuring and negotiating conference venue, vendors, contracts, audio visual equipment, and hotel room blocks
  • Liaison between vendors and host organization
  • Planning banquet and other food service
  • Building, organizing and monitoring conference websites
  • Coordinating set-up of online registration and payments
  • Tracking of registration, speakers and publications
  • Organizing and managing the exhibit hall
  • Conducting coordination meetings with host staff and volunteers
  • Overseeing conference workers