Establishing a secure funding base through fundraising and development

…….is a key feature that separates the top performing nonprofit charitable and advocacy organizations from all the rest. Secure funding allows board and staff to focus on mission, not just on raising money.

Helping organization leaders secure funding is among PNMG’s greatest strengths.  We have experience with organizations of varied sizes, missions, causes and geographic coverage.

Dr. Rosen, PNMG Partner, received his initial training in fundraising at the National Wildlife Federation, which at the time was arguably among the most successful fundraising organizations in history.  Over the years working as an executive leader in many organizations, with many teams of staff and volunteers, and in many regions of the U.S. and globally, he gained experience and had success in the following areas of fundraising:

Planned giving, grantsmanship, foundation grants and contracts, major donor current cash and planned gifts, corporate giving, affinity marketing, public placement bonds, royalties and licensing, direct mail, capital campaigns, memberships, canvases, vanity press publications, product sales/catalogs, internet solicitations, partnerships and matching/leverage funding, banquets, trade shows, conventions, auctions, and appropriations at the federal, state and local levels.

When executive director of an international membership and trade organization Rosen was responsible for an $8.3 million annual fundraising event and trade show — the largest fundraiser for conservation in the world.  He was a key manager in a successful $1.7 billion comprehensive campaign, the largest that had ever been undertaken for environmental protection.

As another example, he was responsible for a work group raising up to $42 million annually in partnership grants, contracts and agreements from corporations, government agencies, foundations, and donors amounting to between about $120-$130 million in total ongoing funded project work.

Dr. Rosen is author of Money for the Cause: A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising, a fundraising book indispensable to anyone involved in mission-driven organizations, whether as a volunteer, professional, student, teacher, or total beginner wanting to raise money for a cause.  Money for the Cause is a peer-reviewed text published by the Texas A&M University Press.