Effective leadership development is a key element of success

….but many organizations fail to achieve full potential due to lack of true mission-driven leadership on staff or on the board.

What we see all too often in organizations are groups of very competent people performing their individual tasks competently, but who are working incompetently as a team because they have no other option.  They may be waiting on decisions that never come, confused by the organization’s priorities or lack of priorities, siloed by poor communication or internal controls, frustrated by in-fighting, beleaguered by bureaucracy, and so on.  All these are symptoms of leadership problems that generally can be corrected rather quickly.

We evaluate staff and board leadership capacity and attitudes toward leadership.  We identify the symptoms of poor leadership and seek the underlying problems causing the symptoms. Together, with members of the board (and with staff where applicable) we develop a tailored plan of action to solve the problems.  We get to the roots of problems, we don’t just treat the symptoms.

We can then help implement the plan by providing direct on-the-ground “turn around” leadership and management services, or we can provide the board and staff with ongoing support through regular in-person or “virtual” consultations as implementation of the leadership development plan progresses.

We believe successful leaders create organizations filled with competent managers who are also good leaders of people, fully engaged in helping create and implement the organization’s strategy and vision.