rudolph-rosenRUDOLPH “RUDY” ROSEN, Ph.D., specializes in executive leadership and management of nonprofit organizations and public agencies, cause-related advocacy, funds development, and start-up/turn-around management and support.  He currently is start-up director of the Institute for Water Resources Science and Technology, an initiative funded by the Texas A&M University System focusing on teaching and research about water at Texas A&M University in San Antonio. He is also a Fellow of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University, where as a professor there he worked to start-up a leadership initiative focusing on teaching and research about nonprofit organizations. While there he also worked to start-up the water education program Headwaters to Ocean and the Texas Aquatic Science Project, the most comprehensive technology-supported education curricula on aquatic science.

He is also founding partner of Professional Nonprofit Management Group, a company specializing in highly personalized services in start-up and turn-around of nonprofit and public organizations, funds development, and management of conferences and meeting events.

Dr. Rosen has served in international, national, and regional executive leadership positions in three of the nation’s largest nonprofit advocacy organizations.  He has served as an environment cabinet member for two governors, and was a director of public resource agencies in two states. He has served on over 130 nonprofit and government national and international boards, commissions and committees and has written over 500 articles, presentations and blogs on organizations, conservation, and policy.

Dr. Rosen’s experience is broad and has focused on strategic and operational leadership, financing, marketing, advocacy, and hands-on management of national and international nonprofit membership/trade associations, university research/education initiatives, and government agencies. In one position he was responsible for an annual $8.3-million fundraising event with over 18,000 attendees, while in another he managed over $130 million raised, funding 400 to 500 collaborative nonprofit-organization projects underway annually.

He recently wrote the book Money for the Cause: A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising, an easy to understand yet comprehensive guidebook that will help anyone raise more money for their cause, regardless of size of organization or fundraising skill. Money for the Cause is a peer reviewed publication of Texas A&M University Press.

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