For over 30 years, PNMG Partner Dr. Rudolph “Rudy” Rosen has led start-up and turn-around efforts at nonprofit organizations and public agencies with outstanding success.

Rudy has started, advocated, and built programs, opened offices, and in several instances was specifically brought on by a board to address serious leadership problems and a lack of communication, innovation, funding, strategic direction, and proper administration of staff, finances, and programs.  This has included work in regional, national, and international membership and trade associations supporting large numbers of members, companies, volunteers and professional staff in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Starting from Scratch?

Let us provide ….or help you with all your start-up needs.

State Nonprofit Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, IRS Recognition – Section IRC 501(c)(3), (4), (6), (7), Form 1023, Organization Structure, Board Guidelines, Policies and Procedures, Grants-Making Structure, Employee Handbook, Fundraising Basics, Professional Website….all you need to get up and going.

Rudy has worked with boards and commissions ranging in size from just a few to over 270 board members, and for organizations with no individual members to organizations having as many as 2 million members and over 60,000 active volunteers.

Successful start-up and turn-around efforts depend on having a solid governance structure, establishing financial stability, creating an achievable business plan (including strategic and operational plans and a budget), and building a solid base of management competency around the fundamental functions of the organization.  The essential functions of an organization, such as advocacy, public relations, publications, education, member services, volunteer support, and so on, will vary based on an organization’s mission.

He is an experienced and thoughtful executive who works hand-in-hand with board members (and staff where applicable) to build a comprehensive and individualized start-up and turn-around management plan of action.  This plan is focused on the organization’s people, its mission and putting in place doable and affordable means to achieve an identified set of goals.  He then works in concert with board (and staff) to implement that plan, making adjustments as needed to achieve desired results.